Romantic Ideas for Couples to Share

Romantic Art: Romantic Dancing

Dancing with your Beloved is a great romantic thing to do!

There is something very satisfying and very romantic about mutually shared romantic ideas.


Doing a romantic activity together is an excellent way to heighten the romantic closeness and connection you have with your loved one. I’m always on the lookout for new romantic things to do as a couple.

What are your favorite romantic activities to do together? (I already have making love on my list! LOL)

Browse our collection of 92 different romantic things to do as a couple.

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2 Responses

  1. Definitely watching romantic films, especially foreign ones. That does it for me and my guy, every time. Just saw a great one, a Dutch film that came out this weekend called “Bride Flight.” It turned out to be a great date movie. I came across an L.A. Times review that describes the “heated passion” and “stolen kisses” in the movie accurately. This movie definitely sets the mood. I found it satisfying. =)
    Here’s the L.A. Times review

  2. Hi Rashan,

    “Bride Flight” sounds like a “must-see”. Thanks for the tip! I’ll be looking out for it–

    I love how a romantic movie can help to create a romantic mood. Romantic music and romance movies are great catalysts for love. My fiance and I are real movie buffs, although some romances put him to sleep–not exactly the “mood” I’m after, LOL!

    Romantic movies are also a good resource for mining creative romance ideas. Why not take a great romantic idea some Hollywood writer dreamed up and spin it and use it to enhance romance in our own relationships?

    NOW we’re talkin’!

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