The Power of Emotions

Our emotions are indicators of the kinds of things that we are focusing upon.

When we FEEL good, happy, joyful, positive, exhilarated, giddy, fabulous, it’s because we are focusing on things that please us.

We resonate, approve, appreciate, love what we see and our emotions confirm it for us.

We all know how terrific that feels. We want to feel that way all the time!


When we feel bad, resentful, angry, sad, annoyed, negative, grumpy, lousy, it’s because we are focusing on things that displease us.

We judge, fear, disapprove, hate what we see and our emotions confirm it for us.

And it really sucks, doesn’t it?

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Could it really be that simple? Can I actually control the way I feel by what I choose to focus upon? What about other people, special circumstances? What about “fate”?

Focus on what you wish to get more of. Yes, it’s really is that simple!


We get to choose what we focus upon AND how we choose to respond to what we see. If we react to something that we find to be negative; by focusing even harder on it, by complaining about it, by commiserating with our friends about it, it WILL get bigger.

We can react to something we find negative by softening our focus on it, by noticing the positive aspects of it, or by changing our focus entirely to something that pleases us.

(This is not looking at something you find negative and pretending that it’s not negative. This is merely shifting your gaze away from what you find negative and focusing on something you find more pleasing.)

Remember, you get to choose! So BE SELECTIVE!
When you can do this, the negative thing will NOT get bigger and may even begin to go away.

Either way, we have short circuited the downward slide that we sometimes find ourselves on by making this shift. Checking in with our emotions tells us if we have succeeded.

2 Responses

  1. Great blog, I’ve found myself to be negative and then quickly turned it around and felt better. Although sometimes we all can’t help to be a little sad, its great to know we do have a choice to change our moods. It takes practice.

    • Thanks, Nicole. I’ve found, with practice, I magically seem to get better and better at staying positive. To the degree that when I have a real negative thought it stands out as “out of character”. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded folk seems to help as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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