Discussion Topic #14 – Romance

Discussion Topic #14 – Romance.

Kaye said:

here are many ways to keep the romance alive in a relationship. I just found a website that is dedicated to doing just that. Its called Romantic Ideas Online, so if you are in need of suggestions, I recommend that you visit this site.  The URL for this site is: http://www.romantic-ideas-online.com/#ixzz1NU3ZNoDi

For now though, I’d like to hear your ideas and strategies for keeping the love flowing in your relationships.

I responded:

Hi Kaye,

I’m delighted to discover your blog! I feel right at home here.

Thanks for telling people about my site. Romantic Ideas are always useful for perking up a romantic relationship but with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the pressure is on to be our romantic best. It’s easy with a little inspiration and a lot of heart! You’ve got the heart so stop on by and Get Inspired!

Life Can Be a Honeymoon. Let’s Start NOW!

Watch for my new book “Feed Your Love: 2012 Valentine’s Day Preview Edition” due to come out on Kindle in a few days. If you like to read a little romance and are looking for great romantic recipes to try, don’t miss it!

In Joy,
Sara McGoodwin
Chief Executive Romance Goddess
Romantic Ideas Online

See you on FaceBook!

and Twitter!

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