Love Note Ideas: Writing and Presentation


1. Hide little romantic notes everywhere. In pockets, in wallets, in purses and in the glove box; in the fridge, under the keyboard, in the dryer and in the toolbox; in a book, in the newspaper, in a magazine and in the phone directory. Hunt around your home to discover unique hiding places. Some of your them might not be found for months! What fun! Need help with your romantic words of love? Check out How to Write Romantic Love Letters .

a-reader-moore 2. Tuck a love note or a romantic coupon in the book your sweetheart is reading.

3. Insert a note into a bottle and replace the cork. “Discover it” with your love on the beach (you may have to distract them with a kiss while you drop the bottle) or float it in your pond, pool or hot tub at home and let them find it.

4. Hide a note under your beloved’s pillow with explicit instructions detailing what you would like them to do to you… or perhaps what you would like to do to them

5. Conceal a small love note under your mate’s dinner plate, in the phone book, in the medicine cabinet, with the Xmas gift wrap, in their glasses case.

6. Hide a wee romantic love note in their wallet tucked in between the dollar bills.

7. Tuck a romantic note inside a folded towel, in the dry cleaning, in a tissue box, in their hat, in a CD case.

8. Cut colorful paper into heart shapes. Write romantic love messages on each one. Ask the clerk in a party store to insert each heart note into a balloon before they are inflated. Present the balloon bouquet to your sweetheart with a needle for a popping good time.

9. Tuck a romantic love note in a small plastic bottle and float it in the bath—under the bubbles!

10. Hide a heart shaped note in your sweetheart’s shoe that says, “You are my heart and soul” or “You are my Sole Mate!”


Edouard Manet: In the Conservatory - Romantic Art

Edouard Manet: In the Conservatory - Romantic Art

Romantic gestures are NOT a replacement for real communication. Sharing the details of your dreams and goals are important for the well-being of your love relationship. Be sure to set aside time every day to connect and converse intimately with your Beloved.

What should you talk about?

  • Tell about your wild schemes and ideas for the future.
  • Tell what is important to you in your present life.
  • Share things that you are happy about.
  • Share things that you love about the other person.
  • Even share things you’d like to work on about yourself.

Try to keep a positive spin on your romantic conversations. They’ll stay more romantic that way!

And Remember to wax poetic about all of the things you are grateful for, often!

Enhance Romance: Ideas and Inspiration

A Difference Of Opinion - Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema - Romantic Art

A Difference Of Opinion - Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema - Romantic Art

Are you one of those people who could use a bit more love and romance in their lives? One of the best ways to enjoy more passionate romance, is to create more of it for our loved one.

There is a natural reciprocity that occurs when we feel showered with love and affection.

Sometimes, all we need is a good idea or two to really get our own juices flowing. Armed with enough inspiration, we can work miracles!

Weekly Dates are Ideal

A date night at least once a week with your partner will enhance the romance in your love relationship, guaranteed.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, either.

(162 Cheap Romance Ideas)

It is important to find ways to spend several hours together on a regular basis. If you’ve got kids, be sure to hire a babysitter.

Romantic Evening Ideas

Romantic Art: François Boucher

Romantic Art: François Boucher

When the sun goes down and the moon comes out to play, consider sharing a romantic epsom salt bath scented with aromatherapy essential oils. Try using sexy scented bath and shower gels for a little extra “slip” as you cavort in the cozy confines of your tub.


You can always make your own starry night! Rent one of the top romantic movies you can find…Now, watch the “stars” come out!


Romantic Ideas for Couples to Share

Romantic Art: Romantic Dancing

Dancing with your Beloved is a great romantic thing to do!

There is something very satisfying and very romantic about mutually shared romantic ideas.


Doing a romantic activity together is an excellent way to heighten the romantic closeness and connection you have with your loved one. I’m always on the lookout for new romantic things to do as a couple.

What are your favorite romantic activities to do together? (I already have making love on my list! LOL)

Browse our collection of 92 different romantic things to do as a couple.

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Cheap Romance Ideas

Romantic Movie The Notebook

Rent a Romantic Movie like "The Notebook"

Why CHEAP romance ideas?

Sure, you can always do the classic things like rented limos, fancy restaurants and plane tickets for a romantic getaway weekend in a far off land. In fact, you should do those things whenever you can!

But we’re talking about the smaller and sometimes more meaningful gestures that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Check out our 162 ways to be romantic on the cheap.
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Romantic Surprises


Romeo and Juliet: Sir Dicksee

Romeo and Juliet: Sir Dicksee

Looking for Romantic Ideas to surprise your mate? Romantic surprises are a lot of fun to organize for your sweetheart. Making love last a lifetime is worth the little bit of effort and ingenuity it takes to thrill your beloved with some of these romantic surprises. Use the 36 free romance ideas we’ve compiled as inspiration for your own creativity.

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