Romantic Ideas Online, Life Can Be a Honeymoon! Romance Ideas and Romantic Tips

Romantic Ideas Online, Life Can Be a Honeymoon! Romance Ideas and Romantic Tips.

Practice Changing Your Perspective

The more familiar you are with how it feels to successfully shift your focus from something negative to a more positive outlook ; the more often you will be able to keep yourself in the good feeling places.


Do not underestimate the value of this habit when it comes to your love relationship!

Try practicing on things that you don’t care too much about: the granny in the fast lane, the unbelievably slow internet connection, the weather.

  • Practice changing your perspective.
  • Practice finding things to appreciate.
  • Practice shrugging off minor annoyances.
  • Practice laughing unconditionally at every opportunity.
  • Practice finding the things in any person or situation that make you feel good and really get acquainted with those thoughts and feelings.

Collect them, if you will.

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Make a point of becoming familiar with your joys and you WILL experience more of them!

How to do this in your love relationship:

If one part of your relationship is displeasing, you know it is time to focus on another part of it.

Trust in the certainty that all is well between you and your beloved and that your relationship is growing and unfolding perfectly.

Feel the magic of optimism. Pessimism and focus-on-what-is-not-wanted yields nothing of any value to the flowering of your romantic relationship.

Soon you will notice that you must be living a charmed life; lights turn green, parking places materialize, you meet the friendliest people…

Oh yeah…AND your mate just can’t stop kissing you!

Being “in love” is good for us.

You read it in books. You watch it in movies. You listen to it in songs.

Love makes the world go ’round. Love is a many splendored thing. All we need is love. Right?

Have you noticed when you are newly in love, just about everything in our lives gets better? Not just our love relationships. Everything!

Why is that?

When we direct most of our attention to feeling the breathless excitement and exhilaration of a new passion, our positive, uplifted outlook can’t help but roll over into the rest of our lives.

The more we focus on everything that is wonderful, the broader and more delicious the effects will be.

When you give your attention to something in your love relationship, be it positive or negative, it will get bigger.

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The more focused attention you give it, the more rampant the growth. This is delightful when the object of your focus is something that you desire!

Ways to Increase Your Romantic Compatibility

Are you just looking for a second chance at romance? Don’t let them slip away!

Romantic Art: Lovers Point

Romantic Art: Lovers Point

A love relationship is like a greenhouse plant, requiring care and proper nourishment to thrive. Without attention it will wither and die. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your romance!

The way you “see” your beloved is the fuel that feeds your romantic connection and inspires the blossoming of romantic compatibility. I think Marianne Williams says it very well:

“We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what’s wrong in your life, or you can focus on what’s right.”

Make a point of focusing on what you love about your mate. If it is hard to think of something in the here and now, then dip into your romantic past with them. Allow yourself to feel the feelings of new love, passion and excitement, cozy connection and heartfelt desire. Look at them through your rose-colored (heart shaped!) glasses! Pretty soon they will begin to respond positively to your loving perspective.

This REALLY works! Try it!

When the conditions are right, a well-cared for relationship will yield a lifetime of romantic rewards. And who doesn’t want that?

It is completely up to you to decide just how romantic your love relationship is going to be. Yes, YOU!


Edouard Manet: In the Conservatory - Romantic Art

Edouard Manet: In the Conservatory - Romantic Art

Romantic gestures are NOT a replacement for real communication. Sharing the details of your dreams and goals are important for the well-being of your love relationship. Be sure to set aside time every day to connect and converse intimately with your Beloved.

What should you talk about?

  • Tell about your wild schemes and ideas for the future.
  • Tell what is important to you in your present life.
  • Share things that you are happy about.
  • Share things that you love about the other person.
  • Even share things you’d like to work on about yourself.

Try to keep a positive spin on your romantic conversations. They’ll stay more romantic that way!

And Remember to wax poetic about all of the things you are grateful for, often!

Enhance Romance: Ideas and Inspiration

A Difference Of Opinion - Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema - Romantic Art

A Difference Of Opinion - Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema - Romantic Art

Are you one of those people who could use a bit more love and romance in their lives? One of the best ways to enjoy more passionate romance, is to create more of it for our loved one.

There is a natural reciprocity that occurs when we feel showered with love and affection.

Sometimes, all we need is a good idea or two to really get our own juices flowing. Armed with enough inspiration, we can work miracles!

Weekly Dates are Ideal

A date night at least once a week with your partner will enhance the romance in your love relationship, guaranteed.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, either.

(162 Cheap Romance Ideas)

It is important to find ways to spend several hours together on a regular basis. If you’ve got kids, be sure to hire a babysitter.

Romantic Ideas for Couples to Share

Romantic Art: Romantic Dancing

Dancing with your Beloved is a great romantic thing to do!

There is something very satisfying and very romantic about mutually shared romantic ideas.


Doing a romantic activity together is an excellent way to heighten the romantic closeness and connection you have with your loved one. I’m always on the lookout for new romantic things to do as a couple.

What are your favorite romantic activities to do together? (I already have making love on my list! LOL)

Browse our collection of 92 different romantic things to do as a couple.

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