love note love letter1. Write a love note in the condensation on the mirror while your love takes a shower. No condensation? Use lipstick!

2. Tape a note to your unplugged TV that says, “Turn Me On Instead!”

3. Bake a cake for no special occasion. Write “I Love You Sweetie” or something similar on top.

4.In a bottle of vitamins, tuck a note that says, “Try Vitamin L, for all that ails you!”

5.Cover your home or their office with sticky notes and romantic words of love.

6. Write a love note in chalk on your sidewalk, around the pool or on the driveway.

7. Write “I Love You” in rose petals on your bed. Or fashion a large rose petal heart!

8.  Write a note using lemon juice for ink. Let dry. Give it to your mate.  They must hold the “invisible message” over a light bulb to reveal the  “magic writing”!

9. Mow the words “I Love You” or “Kiss Me” into your lawn.

10. With tweezers, remove the fortune from a fortune cookie and replace with your own small love note. Act normal.

Romantic Evening Ideas

Romantic Art: François Boucher

Romantic Art: François Boucher

When the sun goes down and the moon comes out to play, consider sharing a romantic epsom salt bath scented with aromatherapy essential oils. Try using sexy scented bath and shower gels for a little extra “slip” as you cavort in the cozy confines of your tub.


You can always make your own starry night! Rent one of the top romantic movies you can find…Now, watch the “stars” come out!


Romantic Ideas for Couples to Share

Romantic Art: Romantic Dancing

Dancing with your Beloved is a great romantic thing to do!

There is something very satisfying and very romantic about mutually shared romantic ideas.


Doing a romantic activity together is an excellent way to heighten the romantic closeness and connection you have with your loved one. I’m always on the lookout for new romantic things to do as a couple.

What are your favorite romantic activities to do together? (I already have making love on my list! LOL)

Browse our collection of 92 different romantic things to do as a couple.

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